When Will Donlon Pharmacy Open Our Doors to the Public?

When Will Donlon Pharmacy Open Our Doors to the Public?

We are pleased some of our neighboring businesses are opening their doors and providing the services so many of us regard as part of our daily routines.

What makes our business different from others?
Many of our patients are at higher risk than the general population, whether due to age or health conditions that increase their risk.  We need to maintain a high level of caution to protect all of our patrons. Even when it is safe for us to allow the public inside, there will be some big changes here to ensure safety for everyone. Our responsibility to provide a safe environment sets a high bar for re-opening our doors.

What will we consider in deciding to open the doors?
The Donlon management team will review factors like these weekly as part of our decision process.

Based on the US Government website “Opening Up America Again” (https://www.whitehouse.gov/openingamerica/  accessed 5/18/2020), we hope to see the following before we assess the safety of opening our doors:

  • A consecutive 14-day period of continuously decreasing Covid-19 cases (whether diagnosed or proven by testing) in the State of Iowa. (longest as of 5/26: two days)
  • Consistent access to Covid-19 diagnostic testing available in our immediate community, coupled with a good local contact tracing program. (Thank You Public Health!)
  • The capacity at local health care facilities to provide treatment to all patients without crisis structures or policies or risk to their staff. (Thank You to WMC and all the clinics in our region!)

In addition, we would hope to see an end to both Federal and State level Declarations of Emergency.

The above list shows that we are NOT basing our decision on a specific calendar date. While this list shows some considerations we’re looking at, we are watching the health risk level in our region and will make our decisions on the overall picture, rather than strictly the above 4 items.

How will shopping be different when the doors re-open?
Full implementation within the store of both procedural and physical changes to keep patrons safe when they are inside the store. These steps will include and are not limited to:

  • All patrons will be required to wear a mask and to sanitize hands upon entry.
  • Installation of Plexiglass partitions (sneeze/cough guards) at patron-staff interaction points.
  • Altered display layouts & shopping aisles to allow 6 feet social distancing.
  • “One-way traffic” rule: ALL ENTRY will be through the Winnebago Street door and ALL EXIT through the Water Street door. Those with mobility challenges may be escorted as appropriate.
  • We will CONTINUE to offer curbside service, free delivery, Rx mailing and Personalized Shopping.
  • Possible varied shopping hours or other limitations & accommodations that will best meet the needs and safety of all our patrons.

We’re still here for you and your family
Our hours remain the same: M-F 9:30-6:00 & Sat. 9:30-3:00

All of our usual services are still available:

  • Pharmacy Consultations & Assistance
  • Home Medical Equipment Assistance
  • Broad selection of over-the-counter essentials
  • Personalized Shopping in Gifts & Toys

Until then, How do you shop our products?

  • Visit our websites or Facebook page:  www.donlonrx.com & www.donlontoyjungle.com
  • Give us a call at 563-382-2626, we’ll arrange payment
  • Then….. Relax! And let us do the shopping for you! If we don’t have a specific item for you, we will try our best to order it for you
  • Receive your items at our Curbside Pickup Service on Winnebago Street or have it  delivered free to your home in the City of Decorah.

We understand this has been a trying time for our world, our communities, and our families. We also believe as our routines may be different right now, the values we hold as a community will help us get through this together. The Donlon Pharmacy Team is here when you need us. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.