Vaccine Pfizer Now Available
Donlon Pharmacy now offers the PFIZER VACCINE for anyone ages 12 years and older

To make your appointment for the PFIZER VACCINE
You will be asked to specify whether this vaccination will be your FIRST, SECOND, or BOOSTER done of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

*If you or a loved one received the Pfizer Vaccine at Decorah Middle School on March 27th/April 17th, the booster cannot be administered until after October 17th.

We continue to offer the Moderna Vaccine to those ages 18 years and older

To make your appointment for the MODERNA VACCINE

3rd doses for the MODERNA VACCINE are ONLY for patients who are immunocompromised as defined by the CDC

Vaccines are given at Donlon Pharmacy - 201 West Water Street Decorah, IA
If you need assistance scheduling an appointment, please call 563-382-3929.
Vaccine Pfizer Now Available

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