Pharmacy Services

Assisted Living

We fill prescriptions for residents of Assisted Living Facilities.

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We can compound most non-sterile medications. (Hormone compounding is NOT available.)

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Donlon's Savings Plan

We offer prescription savings to patients without insurance.

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Drug Disposal

The best way to dispose of old medications is by bringing them in to the pharmacy for us to send off in the TakeAway program.

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Drug Interactions & Safety Review

This is something we do with every new prescription we fill.

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Med Synchronization

We try to fill your maintenance medications all at the same time-saving you multiple trips to the pharmacy.

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Free Delivery

Free delivery is available to any address in the City of Decorah & Freeport area, including the assisted living apartments in Aase Hagen, Eastern Star, and Wellington Place. We will also include with your prescription delivery: over-the-counter items, home medical equipment, toys & gifts.

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Prescription Mail-Outs

We will mail your prescription directly to your home within the state of Iowa. (Please consider mail delivery time when requesting this service.)

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Medication Packaging (DISPILL)®

This is the best way to affordably improve your adherence to the doctor’s prescribed therapy. $9 Per Month (plus any additional insurance co-payments.)

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Pharmacy Transfers

If you need a medication which has been filled elsewhere, we can transfer the prescription here and fill it for you and vice-versa.

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Resolving Insurance Issues

We do our best to assist with insurance issues should they arise.

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RX Reports & Lists

We can make a printout of all of your current medications, including their name, strength and directions. We also offer Prescription Expense Reports.

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