Drug Information

Good Drug & Health Information Links

Healthmart drug information site: News items, easy to navigate, full of useful stuff from a name you can rely on. To find specific topics at Healthmart faster, I’ve listed a few links. New articles are added frequently. Click any topic (blue print) below to jump to that section of Healthmart’s site:

  • The Health Portal is a good place to start if those below don’t work for you.
  • Adult Health Library provides info on diseases and conditions. There is a separate section for Children.
  • Drug Reference has a section to look up drug interactions, one to read details about particular drugs and a tool to help you identify a drug from the physical details like color, shape & imprint.
  • Weight Control has some clear basic articles on weight loss.
  • Nutrition has sections about good eating habits, and quite a bit more.
  • Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements is a good resource to look into before you go too far with these products.
  • Fitness has some great information but I’m going to look for more resources on this topic: it’s right near the top of my list for building better health.

More Health & Drug Information Links

To visit the sites, click on the blue words.

  • HON, the Health On the Net Foundation, certifies only reliable websites offering health & medical content. they also provide a search tool that will limit you to sites that are thus certified: This is a great place to start a search! (Some day we’ll be certified with them too.)
  • SafeMedication.com is a good site aimed at consumers who need easy to use tools on safe medication use. It is sponsored by the ASHP.
  • Consumer Med Safety is a consumer project of the ISMP (Institute for Safe Medication Practices) that helps provide tools for understanding how to use medications safely and prevent errors. (HON certified) ISMP is a certified Patient Safety Organization and they do a lot to help us keep you safe.
  • Mayo Clinic has some good tools for your questions about health. (HON certified)
  • AHRQ, the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, is offered by the government’s Dept of Health & Human Services and offers information for consumers.
  • HealthyWomen.org looks to be a good website (HON certified) with easy to find content on health conditions & treatments, fitness, nutrition and all things of concern to women of any ages. If there are women out there who prefer a different site, I’d be interested to check it out.
  • I invite any reader who has a favorite health-related website to send an email so I can have a look. If a resource works for you, it may help others if you share it.