Covid-19 Transmission Prevention at Donlon Pharmacy

Covid-19 Transmission Prevention at Donlon Pharmacy

Updated: Tues, March 31st, 2020

The following outlines procedures in place at Donlon Pharmacy to protect both patients and staff from accidental transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Further steps and procedures may be added, as the pandemic progresses. We are closely following CDC recommendations and working with the Winneshiek County Emergency Management team.

This is a stressful time for both patients and staff: our foremost goal is to ensure safety, regardless of the impact on workflow speed or efficiency. Donlon Pharmacy WILL remain open and able to fill prescriptions throughout the pandemic: ours is one of the ‘essential services’ designated by government. We’re here for you.

Transmission Prevention at Donlon Pharmacy, Spring 2020

  • Public surfaces (counters, door handles, signature pads, etc) are disinfected after nearly every use.
  • Surfaces are re-disinfected at the top of each hour, per announcement.
  • Staff are encouraged to use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • All staff are required to wash hands with soap & warm water at the top of every hour, per announcement.
  • NEW: A hand cleaning station is in place inside the Winnebago entrance: All patrons are REQUIRED to wash hands upon entry. (More will be added when supply of sanitizer gel permits.)
  • Public access to retail areas is REDUCED to limit touching of surfaces & items that others have touched.
  • We provide a personalized shopper to allow purchases after staff retrieve the item from areas where browsing was formerly encouraged (gifts, toys).
  • Members of the public with active respiratory illness of any kind must avoid entering and are required to wear masks in public. Staff will be alert for illness symptoms and will direct any such individual to a mask and gloves, ask that they wait outside, and trigger surface disinfection protocols.
  • Consistent with CDC guidelines, masks are reserved for those with active illness to reduce the shortage already affecting health care workers. Personal Protective Equipment (gown, mask, gloves, goggles) is available to staff in the event of necessary contact with a suspected carrier.
  • Staff members are NOT permitted to work if they have an active illness of any kind.
  • NEW: Staff temperatures are checked and recorded at the start and end of every shift.
  • When weather permits, exterior doors will be propped open to reduce touching of handles & surfaces.
  • Waiting area has been reduced: If possible, we suggest waiting in your vehicle instead of inside the store.
  • FREE DELIVERY inside city limits of any product in the store: Delivery now available Monday – Saturday. Delivery will typically take place the day after your request. Driver will NOT enter any home.
  • We encourage everyone to use our free CURBSIDE PICKUP SERVICE for any product in the store.
  • For both delivery & curbside service, phoning ahead with your credit card information is the preferred payment method — to reduce exchanges of physical currency, which cannot be sanitized.


  • Donlon Pharmacy remains open our regular hours and the public is allowed inside.
  • 9:30 – 6:00 Weekdays, 9:30 – 3:00 Saturdays. Keeping full hours helps reduce concentration of patrons.
  • Many people are feeling anxious and asking to refill their prescriptions early, which we are doing our best to accommodate but staffing is limited. When possible, please plan on picking up non-urgent medications one or two days after your request. Our Certified Pharmacy Technicians are well trained, caring, and hard-working and are doing their best to keep up.
  • We encourage use of CURBSIDE SERVICE or DELIVERY to reduce concentration of people in the store. Call us at 382-3929 to arrange payment. Delivery service now available on Saturdays too.
  • For prescriptions, we encourage waiting in your vehicle instead of inside the store, if possible.
  • For prescriptions, we recommend downloading our new smartphone app, RxLocal. This will allow refills and review of your profile, and also allows HIPAA secure two-way messaging with staff about any questions or needs.
  • ALL of our products are available to the community for purchase: toys, puzzles, gifts, medical equipment, etc. Some OTC items have a purchase quantity limit. This allows as many families to have the necessary products as needed. Staff will retrieve any item you request. We are working to create an online catalog to allow browsing in advance: visit our Facebook page and website for updates.
  • Thank you in advance for your patience. Our staff is under tremendous pressure to meet the increased needs and concerns of patients during this worldwide crisis. We will do everything possible to keep you and your family safe while providing the best pharmaceutical care possible.