Reminder Calls & Texts

Our Reminder program makes life even easier by allowing us to reach out to our patients directly:

  • The system will automatically call you to let you know when your medication is ready for pick-up. The message on your phone may be a machine or a recording and won’t give any details, but it is meant as nothing more than a helpful reminder.
  • Please make sure your phone number is correct in our records.
  • You do not have to use this service, but if we have to restock your uncollected prescriptions, we may elect to automatically sign you up for reminder calls to help prevent any gaps in your medical therapy.
  • New patients are encouraged to allow us to set them up with Reminder Calls.
  • If you don’t like it, simply ask us to turn it off.
  • TEXT MESSAGE NOTIFICATIONS: If you add your cell phone number to our records, we’ll send you a text just a few minutes after we finish your prescription. Great if you’ve got errands to do around town.