Pharmacy Transfers

If you need a medication which has been filled elsewhere, we can transfer the prescription here and fill it for you. There is no cost to you, other than your usual copay. If you usually get it here and need it filled in East Bananaville, TX, we can transfer it down there for you.

  • The transfer is initiated by the pharmacy that will fill the prescription and must be handled by a telephone exchange between two registered pharmacists.
  • For transfers from other pharmacies, please give us all the information you have on the prescription and include the other pharmacy’s name and telephone number. Your prescription number there is also useful, if available.
  • For transfers to another pharmacy, just give our phone number to them and they will call us.
  • Federal law limits transfer of controlled substances (schedules 2 – 5) to a maximum of 1 transfer. If your medication is a controlled and has already been transferred once, then it cannot be transferred again.