Medication Packaging

Medication Packaging: $9 Per Month

This is the best way to affordably improve your adherence to the doctor’s prescribed therapy. Many hospitalizationsand other serious health events turn out to be a result of incorrect medication use. The Dispill® Medication Packaging takes all the guesswork out and is a very safe way to ensure correct doses and to keep track of what’s been taken and what hasn’t.

  • The Dispill® packs can be formatted for 4 doses daily for 1 week, or 2 daily for 2 weeks or, if you take your medications just once a day, we can fill one pack for a full 28 day supply.
  • Each dose has it’s own transparent cup topped with a paper label showing your name, all the medications in the cup, and the day & time of day of the dose. Have a look at the photos below to better understand how this works or watch Dispill’s video about their system.
  • We will happily include any vitamins, supplements or other things you take on a scheduled basis. Just bring us the bottles from home and tell us how you take them.
  • Each dose can be separated from the pack, or you can separate a strip of doses representing a day or two, or any multiple you need. For instance, if you take a flight to Alaska for a fishing trip, you can put 2 weeks of medications into your luggage and tear off just 1 dose to take with you in your carry-on bag.
  • The top of the pack features a complete list of your medications, including a brief description of each one, directions, and your doctor. See photo below.
  • No need to fuss with filling a med pack at home, or try to juggle a bagful of bottles on your kitchen counter, or worse; on your lap on the plane!
  • Changes are easy: if your therapy changes, just bring the pack back in and we will open it up and make the changes you need so you can go forward without interruption and without risk of mistakes. No cost for changes.
  • If your packs are set up for weekly use, we will fill 4 packs at a time so you take home a full 28 day supply. This way you don’t have to stop back at the pharmacy every week.
  • Click on any of the photos below to enlarge it.

And if you are really attached to your old plastic medication planner, we can work with that instead of using the Dispill® packs. The main thing is that you are able to stay with the therapy prescribed by your doctor with the most convenience possible. Just ask us for what you need: we’re pretty flexible.

Medication Packaging
Medication Packaging
Medication Packaging
Medication Packaging