Easy Open Caps

If you have trouble with the child-resistant caps on our green medication vials, you can have us use easy caps that simply snap on & off. Because the law requires child resistant lids on medication, we will need a signed request from you. Just stop at the pharmacy counter and ask: we’ll collect the signature for our files and then make a note to use easy caps for all of your medication. If you ever want to go back to the twist-off child resistant caps, please let us know. Be careful where you store these, as children will have almost no trouble getting into them: the only protection they will have is how carefully you store the meds where they cannot get to them.

Remember that child resistant caps are NOT child proof. They are required to be hard to get into: a measurement is made of the amount of time it takes kids of a certain age to get it open and how many of them do so within a certain time. Caps compliant with the law will delay rather than prevent a child’s access to the medicine.This means that you should assume that any kid can open anything, if given enough time to work on it and enough determination.