Easy Meds

Donlon Pharmacy's EasyMeds program helps make life easier for our patients who want to refill their prescriptions without any hassle:

  • Sign up today by phone or at the store.
  • After you sign up, we’ll phone you once a month to make sure there are no changes to your list of regular medications.
  • We will also ask if there are any over-the-counter items you’d like included in your order.
    After the phone call, we’ll fill all the meds and have them ready for you on the same day each month. All you do is answer the phone once, then come in to get your medications (or have us deliver them). Easy.
  • We will take care of keeping track of refills & new prescriptions from your doctor.
  • We will take care of lining up new prescriptions so they match up with your existing ones. (this sometimes means a single extra copay for a small refill to get a medication in synch.)
  • We will take care of everything so you never run short & you never have to wait for a prescriber to get around to approving your refills.
  • It is now free: yes, we like you THAT much.
  • EasyMeds saves most of the trouble of keeping track of your medications but if you want the next level of convenience & safety, we have a separate program in which we will package everything in a Dispill med planner, with one cup for each dosing time.