Cost Savings

At Donlon Pharmacy, it is our priority to ensure that you are receiving the best value for your health services. Our Cost Savings program includes the following features:

  • If your medications are covered by insurance, then the insurance plan dictates your copays, not the pharmacy.
  • If an FDA approved generic equivalent exists, we will automatically use that to fill any new prescription, with very few exceptions. For existing prescriptions, we will get your permission for the switch from brand to generic.
  • Our pharmacists are glad to start a dialog with your physician to explore appropriate alternatives that would cost you less. Sometimes we can get this taken care of without your needing to see your physician at all.
  • We have a few options for people with no insurance or other issues. This includes a $5/ month generic medication list, a discount card for generics not on the list, and information on patient assistance programs.
  • We honor all drug manufacturer coupons you may bring in: several brand medications offer coupons on their websites. We have a limited number of coupons here that we try to use for those patients who need them most.
  • For more information on drug costs, see the Drug Costs tab at the top of the page.