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Options for Discounts & Patient Assistance


MAX Card

A MaxCare discount card will shave a few dollars off of most prescriptions and can help with those not covered by the $5 list. The discount is larger for some drugs than for others but doesn’t provide any advantage over an existing insurance copay. Note that if your prescription plan has a deductible, you can only work it down by submitting the claim to them. If we were to use a discount card or savings club, it might cost you less but you would get no credit toward your deductible, so it would just work against you in the end.



We occasionally have coupons for brand drugs that will save a patient quite a few dollars. Coupons are also available at many drug company websites, so be sure to look online to see if you can find some. Some doctor’s offices have coupons they can provide too. Caution: many/ most drug coupons are excluded from use by patients enrolled in any government sponsored drug coverage. So if you are on Medicare D or on Medicaid, those coupons may not be available for your use. Just have to read the fine print.


Patient Assistance

We have several resources to help you find patient assistance programs which could cover part or all of the cost of some expensive brand medications. Often run by the drug companies themselves, these can mean very big savings for those who qualify. Eligibility usually depends on family income and the absence of other insurance coverage for the drug. Some patient assistance programs are designed for lower income uninsured patients and are operated separate from the drug companies. If you have a hardship in paying for your medications, please ask us to provide you with some of these resources.

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