Software Upgrades, March 2020


Please be aware on March 9th, 10th, and 11th our pharmacy will undergo a software upgrade.

We see the new RX software and phone systems as significant upgrades in quality and services: while the transition may be extra work for us, we’re confident that you will be pleased with the improvement.

What can you expect March 9th-11th?

  • We will still be fully functioning, but there may be some delays
  • There may be some service challenges with the phone system and pharmacy refills
  • For your convenience, it may be best to request needed prescriptions in advance if possible.

What happens after March 11th?

  • If you use a smartphone app you will need to switch to the new smartphone app (RxLocal). Please wait until after the 11th for upgrade completion-then search for RxLocal in your App Store
    • Our staff can assist you in switching the app-Just ask us
  • We will request to scan your driver’s license into our records. You can decline this service, but this is the quickest way to ensure an identity match when filling an Rx
  • If you have placed a Credit Card on file, we will need you to provide that card again: we cannot access saved credit card info and so cannot migrate it to the new system.

Got questions or concerns?

  • If you have any concerns, please ask to speak to one of our pharmacy technicians
  • Remember, you can request to fill needed prescriptions in advance if possible
  • Don’t worry-we’ll be here to help if needed.

We appreciate your business and your patience.