• Lift Chairs & Power Scooters

    Lift Chairs & Power Scooters

    Floor Model Sale Save now on the following floor models! Alante Electric Wheelchair GP208 Was: $1798.00 | Now: $1078.00 GB117Z…

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  • Home Medical Equipment

    Home Medical Equipment

    We are pleased to carry a large variety of Daily Living & Medical Aid products. And, we have a dedicated…

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  • Assisted Living

    Assisted Living

    Assisted Living We fill prescriptions for residents of Assisted Living Facilities, in the special medication packaging the home requires and…

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  • Weight Management Program

    Weight Management Program

    Being overweight can increase your risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, including the following: High blood pressure (Hypertension)…

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  • Vaccinations & Quick Tests

    Vaccinations & Quick Tests

    Vaccinations Flu Shots No cost for Medicare patients and for most insured patients. Shingles & Tetanus up to your insurance.…

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  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    As most of you are aware, we have changed our Pharmacy Management Software to PioneerRx. The software change means that…

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  • Free Delivery

    Free Delivery

    Free Delivery Donlon Pharmacy delivers prescriptions free to any address in the Decorah/ Freeport area, including the assisted living apartments…

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  • Compounding


    We can compound almost any mixture your doctor prescribes. Whether you need a special cream for a dermatology problem or…

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  • TDAP Vaccines

    TDAP Vaccines

    Donlon Pharmacy is pleased to offer the Tdap Booster vaccine. Boostrix (Tetanus, Diphtheria & acellular Pertussis vaccine) is approved for…

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  • Medication Packaging

    Medication Packaging

    This is the best way to affordably improve your adherence to the doctor’s prescribed therapy. Many hospitalizationsand other serious health…

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  • Drug Interactions & Safety Review

    Drug Interactions & Safety Review

    Drug Interactions & Safety Review This is something we do with every new prescription we fill, even if the patient…

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  • Medicare D Assistance

    Medicare D Assistance

    It’s hard to think of two things more confusing than Medicare D. We work with it every day at Donlon…

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  • Kodak Kiosk Photo Processing

    Kodak Kiosk Photo Processing

    We can process your photos the Kodak way.  Bring in your old photos or your digital camera or any device…

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  • Easy Meds

    Easy Meds

    Donlon Pharmacy's EasyMeds program helps make life easier for our patients who want to refill their prescriptions without any hassle:…

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  • Reminder Calls & Texts

    Reminder Calls & Texts

    Our Reminder program makes life even easier by allowing us to reach out to our patients directly: The system will…

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  • Cost Savings

    Cost Savings

    At Donlon Pharmacy, it is our priority to ensure that you are receiving the best value for your health services.…

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  • Easy Open Caps

    Easy Open Caps

    Easy Open Caps If you have trouble with the child-resistant caps on our green medication vials, you can have us…

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  • RX Reports & Lists

    RX Reports & Lists

    Medication Lists: we can make a printout of all of your current medications, including their name, strength and directions. This…

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  • Drug Disposal

    Drug Disposal

    What do you do with all the old medicine in your house? Keeping it around could be dangerous for children,…

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  • Pharmacy Transfers

    Pharmacy Transfers

    If you need a medication which has been filled elsewhere, we can transfer the prescription here and fill it for…

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  • Resolving Insurance Issues

    Resolving Insurance Issues

    This is something that comes up all day every day. A patient’s insurance plan may reject the claim we submit…

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